Spring Tulips and Other Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Tulips and Other Spring Flowering BulbsWhen you see spring flowering bulbs, it is one of the first signs that winter has come to an end. Spring tulips are one of the earliest bulbs to show their colorful blooms and only flower for a week or two. Because the blooming cycle is so short, you should plant a variety of early, mid and late tulip bulbs, that way you will have blooms for a longer period of time.

You should enjoy your spring flowering bulbs as soon as they appear because it won’t be long until they get overshadowed by those late spring and early summer bloomers. Once the snow has melted and there is no more threat that freezing weather will rear its ugly head, you can start planting early spring bulbs.

Early Spring Bulbs

Early spring bulbs that do quite well overall are single or double early tulips; Triumph and Darwin are hearty varieties. Lilies, wallflowers, forget-me-nots, hyacinths, pansies and daffodils make for a beautiful early and late spring flower bed. Use shorter flowering bulbs in the front and as borders, and then fill in the center of the flower bed with a stunning color combination of any of the aforementioned bulbs.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are designing your early spring flower beds is to plant bulbs that have different blooming lives. If you do your homework, you could have a spring bulb flower bed that blooms from April until the end of May; just in time for your summer bloomers to start their way into the world.

Lifting Tulip Bulbs Needs to Be Easy

If you are going to comingle your bulbs with other flowers, you need to make sure that your tulip bulbs are in a spot where they can be dug up and replanted so they can die a natural death until next season. Lift the bulbs while the stalks are still green. Replant in a spot where they can stay healthy until they naturally hibernate for the off season; then you can store your bulbs for the winter if choose.

Plant Fall Bulbs for Spring Beauty

As you can see, spring flowering bulbs and spring tulips are a great way to get a breath of fresh air in early spring. Growing bulbs in small beds and using them as borders is a very artistic way to present your spring flower beds. You can plant your bulbs in the fall or bring them out in the spring after they have started to bloom, just make sure that there will be no more cold or snow to damage your flowering bulb plants.

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